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Desjoyaux creates swimming pool with practical designs to harmoniously meet all imaginations for the exceptional experience

"8 quality steps" with world class standard by Desjoyaux to create the ultimate luxury life in your home

Make it with 8 steps

Desjoyaux, easy to build, convenient, prompt with 8 world-class procedures and create luxuriously stylish in your own home.

  1. Evaluating the area and creating the layout.

  2. The pool site is dug out, the excavation is done according to the size and shape of the pool.

  3. The permanent active casing panels are assembled to create the structure of the pool.

  4. Once the reinforcement rebars for the upper and lower tie beams and chimneys are in place, the concrete is then poured into the walls and pool slabbing, all in a single operation in order to form a free-standing structure.

  5. Installation of the liner and coping stones

  6. Installation and connection of the filtration units.

  7. Water filling and treatment.

  8. Delivery of your quality swimming pool with a 10 year guarantee certificate


After Sale Service​

Desjoyaux places importance on after-sales service, so we create innovations that make swimming pool maintenance to be easy in order to relieve about swimming pool maintenance

Desjoyaux has branches that provide after sales services covering all regions of the country for convenience and readiness. There are skilled experts and technicians available to advise all about the swimming pool from the use of the pool, maintenance to let you enjoy using the swimming pool with your beloved person comfortably under the 10-year quality guarantee

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