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specially invented the swimming pool innovation to fulfill the happiness experience in every lifestyle for the perfect unlimited life

Desjoyaux ready for you to experience the best of "swimming pool innovation"

The superiority of experiences that fulfill every moment of your life

It all started in 1966 more than 50 years ago when Jean Desjoyaux built his first pool to give his family a holiday environment at home.
Desjoyaux (เดโชโย่)

Mr. Jean Desjoyaux is determined to build the swimming pool for that meets all lifestyles from the best of Desjoyaux’s innovations with attentive after-sales service in all processes


BCIS Phuket School

With safe and modern technology, there is nothing more appropriate than Desjoyaux as the most important thing is the children’s safety. We are very impressed with Desjoyaux, a reliable international leading company, with an easy-to-maintain system.


Kodchasri Thani Chiangmai

Our hotel provides services to tourists from around the world. We want to make sure that our swimming pool is good and has the leading standards. We rely on Desjoyaux, a quality swimming pool industry and an excellent construction system, as well as are widely known in many countries.

Thanks to Desjoyaux brand for helping the hotel advance to a higher level.


Phakanat Thanasawatpon

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to build a swimming pool with Desjoyaux.

I chose Desjoyaux because I want quality and technology similar to foreign countries.

Since having a Desjoyaux’s swimming pool, I've never been worried about problems anymore. Desjoyaux makes life easier because it is easy to clean and maintain. The service has been extremely satisfying, with no worries since choosing Desjoyaux's services.

Phakhanat Thanasawatporn

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