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Desjoyaux builds swimming pool with ECO FRIENDLY materials

Desjoyaux uses recycled plastic to build swimming pool structures imported from France to help reduce environmental pollution. It also has an innovative patent, Permanent Advice Casing, a robust swimming pool structure that means you won't have to worry about structural cracks. World class standard pool structure, which is ready to be delivered to you within 1 week, is built with high quality reinforced concrete at once in order to reduce joints and prevent cracking of the pool walls with 10-year quality guarantee.

Desjoyaux swimming pool has been certified by Bureau Veritas, the world's leading company that has expertise in product inspection, analysis, product quality certification, including environmental safety, and social responsibility.


Intelligent water filtration system, privileged by "Desjoyaux"

Pipeless intelligent water filter system from Desjoyaux designed to be installed without drilling in order to reduce leakage problems in the swimming pool system. In addition, Desjoyaux intelligent water filter system is energy-saving, quiet, easy to maintain.

​The filter bag from Desjoyaux has a high filtering efficiency of 5-15 microns, and we also designed the circulating water system in the swimming pool every 2 hours, compared to general swimming pools that circulate water every 6 hours, in order to maintain the water in the pool clean and clear without impurities.

Mobipool, the most innovative swimming pool from  Desjoyaux.

Meet all forms of design
with the innovation of
"Liner" swimming pool floor

Innovative swimming pool flooring with liner helps to reduce leaks, easy to clean, change patterns as needed, and support all forms of design.

Equipment with world standardfrom Desjoyaux

In order to make your swimming pool look good, stylish and clean all the time, we design "Cleaning Equipment" with world-class standards, thus it seems that your pool is always under our care.

1. Cleaning Tools
2. Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment from Desjoyaux
for your beyond experience

With "Special Accessories" from Desjoyaux
1. Swimming Equipment
2. Swimming Accessory
3. Souvenir from

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